• When you experience a break-in, the first thing you need to do is to rekey your locks. Rekeying is also recommended when you suffer from an act of vandalism, theft, or when you lose your keys. More often than not you employ the services of a locksmith to rekey your locks. However, there might be instances when you need to do it yourself. Below are tips how to rekey lock.

    Purchase a Rekeying Kit

    The first thing you need to do is to purchase a rekeying kit. You can find one at most home centers and hardware stores. Most brands have kits available, and they come with multiple locks. It is important that you get the same brand as the locks that are currently installed. There are some rekeying kits that only come with lock pins, while there are other kits that have special tools that include ring remover, cylinder follower, and plug follower. Extra pins can be ordered separately if there are more locks that need to be rekeyed.

    Remove the Lock Face

    The next step is to remove the exterior of the doorknob. More often than not, the rekeying kit comes with a wire tool for this step, or you can unbends a paper clip and insert it into the designated hole.

    Pull Out the Lock Cylinder

    The next step on how to rekey lock is to remove the lock cylinder with the use of a cylinder follower. This tool looks like a small brass tube. Just push the cylinder through the assembly to get rid of the sleeve to take out the cover, and then the cylinder itself.

    Remove the Retaining Ring of the Lock Cylinder

    After removing the lock cylinder, the next step is to take out the retainer ring. You need the ring remover for this step, which is also included in the rekeying kit. It is important that you don’t lose this part of the lock assembly.

    Remove the Cylinder Plug

    Then insert the key of the lock into the cylinder, and turn it in order to separate the lower and upper lock pins. It is important that you continue to applying constant pressure when removing the cylinder plug.

    Adjust the Lower Lock Pins

    The next step on how to rekey locks is to remove the lower lock pins. These are shaped like a bullet with pointed ends that touch the key. Then insert the new key into the cylinder. This will put the springs in a new position, and serve as a guide for the new lock pins. Once the key is inside, insert the new lock pins into place. The new pins are coded to indicate where they need to be inserted.

    Reassemble the Lock

    Once you have set the new lock pins, the final step is to reassemble the lock. Start with the cylinder plug and the retaining ring. Then put back the cylinder into the knob, and lastly, the lock face. Then test the rekeyed lock to find out if it works with the new key.

    These are the steps on how to rekey locks. You need to have some skills in order to do it right the first time. It is recommended to leave the rekeying of your locks to professionals who are trained to do the job properly.

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