Locked Keys in Car

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How to Avoid Locked Keys in Car

Losing car keys is a bad experience but the worst experience is when you can see your keys in the ignition, but you have locked yourself out. The first thing you think is breaking the window but you realize it will only worsen the situation. There are several things you can do to avoid this experience. The tips will not only save you from the annoying situation but also the embarrassment that could come with it.

Get Some Spare Keys

One way to avoid locked keys in car is by having a spare key that you have access to incase of an emergency. Check out the hardware stores or a car dealership in your locality to have some spare keys made. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can opt for keys with RFID or fobs or have them without these. You can keep the keys in your house or office or give them to someone you trust completely.

Get Used to Using the Fob

Most car keys have this inbuilt locking mechanism that does not allow you to lock the doors without it. This means you must press some button on the keys to lock your car. This guarantees you that you will not experience locked keys in car since you will always have them in hand before the doors are locked.

Ensure the Fob Batteries are Functional

For you to use the key fob, the keys must be in your hands. Do not ignore battery replacement and instead opt for an auto lock just because it works. When the key fob batteries seem to fail, make it a priority to have them replaced. This is one of the best ways to ensure you will not lock yourself out of your car.

Get Used to Having Your Keys on You

This might sound very redundant, but it is a great way to avoid locked keys in car. When you stop your car, the first thing you should do is to reach out for the ignition. Get the car keys before you pick your wallet or handbag. You can put the keys in the wallet or the handbag. To some, this has ended up with them having their keys locked in the car simply because they put them on one of the seats and forgot. If you follow this tip, you will never lock yourself out of your car.

Locking your car keys in the ignition is simple, and the worst part is it does not give you a warning. You stop the car and bang the door. This is when you realize you have locked keys in car without a spare. Although having a locksmith number on hand will be of great help when this unfortunate situation happens, it is always advisable to take the necessary measures to avoid the embarrassment and frustrations. You can also have a key chain that is bright in color. You will easily notice the keys before locking the door.


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