Which are the Right High Security Locks and Keys for You?

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Your locks are your security against unwanted access in your house or your commercial establishment. You are prone to burglars and intruders in the event that you have not changed your locks in the past 5 years if you have numerous keys in circulation or in case you are using the standard type of lock. It is essential for you to have the latest high security locks and keys. It may not be 100% thief-proofs, but the complexity of it can discourage the thief from opening your lock. It will also give you enough time to call for help before he even managed to open the door.

Different High Security Locks and Keys

You should not be afraid about the cost of the high security locks and keys. Most of them come with a very affordable price tag. It is not exclusive for the wealthy community. Nowadays, any homes in Kansas can have a state of the art locking mechanism for a very reasonable price.


One of the earliest inceptions of high security locks and keys would be the keypad. It is still highly popular up to this day, but there are latest models that come with a touch screen panel despite of the button. It also has enhanced feature that prevent the intruder from knowing the code. The older types of keypad come with a deadbolt and a lever. The more recent type has a Bluetooth capacity, handle set, and additional accessories


Another kind of high security locks and keys would be the Radio Frequency Identification or the RFID. In this type of locking mechanism, the user will need to utilize a card or a key fob in order to gain an access. This means that you never have to forget your key when you use the key fob since you do not have to remove it from your purse or pocket. It is one of the most convenient forms of entering your property.

Bluetooth Locks

The Bluetooth locking mechanism has the same functionality as the Bluetooth in your phone. It has the ability to sense the Bluetooth found in your phone, and it will open once it properly identifies the Bluetooth of your phone. RFID and Bluetooth also have a secondary electronic high security locks and keys mechanism on the off chance that you lost your phone or the battery of your phone died.


One of the latest high security locks and keys would be the biometrics system. It utilizes your fingerprint before you will be allowed to gain an access in your property. Some of us are already using this process in our smartphone. The only thing you need to do is to program the fingerprint of the people who live in the house, and the system will automatically identify you.

Your business and your home require different high security locks and keys. In your business, you may install additional locking mechanism with your cabinets and desks while your home only requires a state of the art lock in the passage way.


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