Tip How and Why to Rekey Ignition for Your Car?

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There are many reasons why you could need to get a rekey ignition for your car. Overtime there can be damage done inside of the lock, a lost key, vandalism, due to an accident, and many other reasons. The question, that becomes when you should have a locksmith to rekey ignition for your car.

What Is a Rekey?

In many of the cases of a stolen or lost, customer will call a locksmith to see if they can “Rekey” when they are really looking for a replacement car key. A replacement car key can be made by many locksmiths. Cars rekey needs nearly all the locks of the car to be replaced, and the old locks will need to be disabled.

Is a Locksmith able to rekey a Car?

Yes, there are only two methods that can be used rekey a car. The first is used by a few locksmiths, but it is not a great option. This method removes a few of the wafers that are inside of the lock, and will re-arrange some of the other wafers, to make the new key work in the ignition. This will make your car overall less secure, as there are fewer wafers in the car’s ignition. This method also makes it harder to have another replacement key made in the future. This is due to the fact that the next locksmith will need to guess the cuts because there are wafers are missing.

The better method is to call an auto locksmith who is specialized and has a specialized car rekey kit. These specialized kits come with new wafers, springs, face caps, and all the other parts that are necessary to replace your locks.

Reasons Why You Would Rekey Your Car

You will need to rekey your car if you are having problems with the ignition or locks, and not just because your keys are missing. If your car key is not working, the lock may not need to be a rekey. For about 90 percent of locks, the key is worn out. Having a new key cut will fix the problem if the worn key is not working.

If the locks were damaged, you will need to get new locks for your car. The first place to look for a new lock is a car dealership or junk yard. Most second-hand locks can be a rekey by a locksmith to match your current car key.

If your car was stolen, you may not need to rekey your car. Modern cars have chips in the key, and a locksmith will be able to disable these chips. This makes sure that your car’s ignition will not be able to be turned on with that key. When you rekey your car, you lose an important asset of your car, the key code. The key code is number of your key in the dealer database. This makes getting a replacement key very hard.


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