Ultimate Guide on High-Security Car Keys

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During the old times, people who lost their car key will basically take their spare key to a locksmith and then have a duplicate for only $10. But with the innovations in the car industry, things are quickly changing. Modern car key will not only trigger your car’s engine, but it also has the capacity to remotely unlock your door due to the transponder tech. This extra features and functions are great addition, however, it also complicates the process of replacing your high-security car keys.

Types of High-Tech Car Keys

Different manufacturers of vehicle are using various technologies when making their high-tech car key. Transponder Key has an installed microchip in the plastic head. In case that the ignition has been activated, your vehicle will instantly transmit a signal to your key. Your vehicle will only start once your transponder key sends the proper response. Electronic key has the function to open your door remotely. Smart Car keys send a security code in your car that enables your vehicle to start. Finally, the sidewinder key has lesser groves when compared to the traditional key.

Losing Your High-Tech Car Keys Means Additional Expenses

Most of the owners of car are relatively clueless on the worth of their car keys. They will be shocked once they found out that their car key can cost as much as hundreds of dollars to replace. The price for the replacement of your high-security key can range from $267 up to a massive $740. On the off chance that you lost even the spare key, your expenses can pile up since they will need to reset the system of your car’s computer. The entire cost can start from $800-$1500. Experts in the industry believe that the high-security technology is one of the factors that increase the sales of cars but it can also serve as a headache for the owner.

A Cheaper Alternative

With the help of the auto locksmith, you will have the opportunity to cut and recode your car keys at a much affordable price rate. In addition, these service providers can schedule an appointment and visit you directly on your location which makes it more convenient for you. It also offers a great solution for those who lost their car key, and they need to travel to visit their car dealer. Locksmiths nowadays are not only skillful in understanding the mechanical key but also on the automated keys allowing them to address more complex issues.

When choosing your automotive locksmith, be sure that they have the necessary skills and tools in creating the high-security car keys. Having the right set of equipment and knowledge will ensure you that they will be able to successfully complete the task with less hassles.


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